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Author Topic: Cement block planters  (Read 130 times)


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Cement block planters
« on: October 20, 2020, 03:26:58 PM »
Do you have cement blocks just hanging out, taking up space? Here's a fun way to convert them to planters outside, along a wall. Looks great and saves space! All you need is a brush and some paint - and of course, those cement blocks - and you're good to go!

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We capped the bottom of the planter section with these metal flashing squares and some landscape adhesive.

Cinder blocks. We used both dual and single blocks.
Metal flashing rectangles, precut that we found in the roofing dept. Be careful their edges can be a little sharp.We heard there are such things as cinder block caps, but good luck finding them.
Landscape adhesive and caulking gun. We used Loctite PL 375 heavy duty construction adhesive – good for masonry and metal (Found in the paint department at Home Depot).


Adhere the caps to the bottom of the sections that will be planted. Let dry, might help to put some weight on top (or flip the block over) to dry.

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Decide on your design then start assembling the blocks
Apply a bead of adhesive, then place the block.
Assembling the planter definitely takes two.
Have the second person hold the bottom block in place until the weight of the upper blocks stabilizes the lower ones.

Plant with a lightweight potting soil and 4 inch plants. We used sedum (and one lavender!) because they love the porous nature of the cinder blocks. Also, ours will be in sun much of the day and these will thrive there. If yours is in shade, how about ferns and mosses?

Optional: Decorate the blocks

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 [ You are not allowed to view this attachment ]

 [ You are not allowed to view this attachment ]

Can also be used as a vase
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