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Title: Soda bottle greenhouse
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Here are two different types, the first doesn't really come with instructions (as apparently they want you to buy their book)

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Empty Plastic 2L Soda Bottles
Rain Water Barrels
Reclaimed Wood For Framing
Pea Gravel

When you are selecting the area to build your make sure you choose an area that receives a lot of sunshine. If it is possible, try to make your greenhouse face just east of south. This will use the sun in the morning to heat up the greenhouse very early. The main frame is what will hold this whole structure in place. The bottles will just act as the walls that capture the heat from the sun. Cut the bottom of the bottle off, and slip them one on top of another. This makes the tubes you then put side by side to create your walls. The tires are used to build the foundation.

source: DIY Pop Soda Bottle Greenhouse (https://homesteadlifestyle.com/diy-pop-soda-bottle-greenhouse/)

Our first prototype was constructed using metal 2x4s – so we could literally pick it up and move it around (and allow school groups to assemble and disassemble it).  But the wind also soon discovered that it could move it around as well – so we found it spread across the pasture one morning after a particularly severe storm.

We decided the building needed to stay put – so we constructed a pounded tire foundation and decided to do this thing properly.  With the help of the Clark Montessori School (from Cincinnati, OH) we built this 12 x 12 foot greenhouse over a rather muddy weekend. We later added a small potting area extension.

The complete construction details are available in our book – Building a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse.

original source: Plastic Bottle Greenhouse - Blue Rock Station (http://www.bluerockstation.com/plastic-bottle-greenhouse/)

Next project, the same concept but a little different design:
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4″ x 4″ posts and 2″ x 2″ timber (about 240 feet)
Hinges for the door
Fencing staples
Gravel, slabs, and mulch matting
Garden canes
About 1500 plastic 2-liter bottles

Start collecting and cleaning 2-liter bottles (you can ask friends/family to save theirs for you)

Once cleaned (you don't want them to be sticky or attract bugs) remove labels and lids and cut off the bottoms
(save those bottoms
for some cute flower curtains : 4REarth > Sheer Flower Curtains - page {#} (https://4rearth.info/forum/decor/sheer-flower-curtains/)
for some cute flower patterns : https://4rearth.info/forum/decor/flower-pattern-with-soda-bottles/)

Create the corners of the house by settling the 4×4 posts into the concrete. Spread mulch matting along the inside to keep the weeds from growing up later.

Using the 2×2 boards, create the frame of the house. Frame each side and frame each door and the roof. Screw together the corners of the frame but don’t do anything further.

Using the bottles, later them one by one on top of the garden canes. The result will be multiple beams of plastic bottles supported by a garden cane.

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Using your fencing staples, secure the bottom of the bottle to the frame. Shoot the staple around the neck of the bottle and into the frame.

Connect the frames to bring the structure together. Mount each frame to the upright corner posts.

Attach the roof and doors. You can do either a flat or sloped roof but a sloped on is recommended. Make the roof in the same way that you did the walls by stacking water bottles.

source : Gardener shares how to build affordable greenhouse using empty plastic soda bottles (https://ronproject.com/diy-plastic-bottle-greenhouse/)