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Author Topic: Decorative Flatware  (Read 123 times)


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Decorative Flatware
« on: October 19, 2020, 07:12:19 PM »
Fork Holders
for pictures, notes, phones, whatever....

[ You are not allowed to view this attachment ]

*some hand strength required*



Turn the outer tines of the fork backward. Make sure they are equally bent.

Then grab the inner ones, one at a time, and pull it up and out. Bend the tips to make a little curl where your pictures can securely stand.

You might want to interchange the tines – inner tines bent backward and outer ones forward – if you want to have a wider holder, and if you think it would be possible given the fork you have.

source : Pots and Pins, Creativity, Quilts, DIY Projects, Grandbabies, Parties

Spoon Hangers

[ You are not allowed to view this attachment ]


Drill (for the holes for screw)

Carefully Drill a hole for a screw in the center of the spoon head

Bend the spoon into the curve you want


[ You are not allowed to view this attachment ]
Steel Round Rod
Drill (for holes for screws)

Pallet (for a wrack)

First clamp the spoon down (preferable on a workbench or surface you don't mind denting up)
you may want to put a piece of wood or something between the spoon and the surface to limit any possible dents

Grab a hammer and flatten out the spoon head

Move the clamp down to the point where you want to start to bend the handle

Bend the handle up

Using a metal rod will make it easier to get a nice curve by bending the handle around the rod, using the hammer to help

Once curved to how you like place the spoon down on the surface on the opposite side from before and hammer the spoon head flat

Mark where you want the screw to be and drill the size for the screw you'll be using

Optional, if you want to make a rack, sand and paint a piece of pallet

source : DIY Spoon & Pallet Hook Rack - The Wood Grain Cottage
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