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Author Topic: The Rules and Helpful Information  (Read 4352 times)


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The Rules and Helpful Information
« on: October 21, 2020, 01:04:25 PM »
« Last Edit: October 25, 2020, 04:12:59 PM by shadav »
A Placeholder for The Rules, whenever I get around to adding them
Rules will be updated as we see fit to help keep the community in order

  • Posts must be in english, except in appropriate boards (you may request specific language boards)
  • No porn (I shouldn't have to say that, but.....)
  • Be kind/respectful
  • No hate speech
  • No spam
  • No promotions/advertisements
  • Referral links are allowed but do not abuse it....don't go spamming referral listings....but if someone is looking for something you can use your referral link, or if you write an article, you can place relative/related referral links within the article.....
  • Some words are censored (if you feel that it shouldn't be, or that a word should be...feel free to let me know) [sometimes the censor is stupid, so feel free to let me know so I can try and fix it]
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Re: The Rules and Helpful Information
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2020, 02:36:38 PM »
« Last Edit: October 25, 2020, 04:14:05 PM by shadav »
Hello Guest
if you are new here, well then you'll probably want to read through some things here :)
if you're not new, well it's a refresher  :crazy:

when creating a post don't forget to fill out the Subject
clicking on the formatting tab has all of the bbc shortcuts and formatting options
the attachments tab, well is for attachments
other options tab you can select/deselect settings like notify me of replies and other things
then there is all of the smiley tabs  =))
the [more] button just displays all of the smileys except the basic smileys in a pop-up (I may eventually get rid of it)

There are 5 themes installed currently (3 light and 2 dark)
please note that not all modifications may work correctly on all themes (I will try my best but some themes may lack certain options)
if you notice an error or that some functions do not work on the theme you are using, please let me know and I will work on fixing it, if I am able to (as stated some modifications will not work on all themes) *please be sure to include where the error was and the theme used, a screenshot would be helpful as well*
due to heavy modifications I will not be installing brand new themes
if you prefer one theme over another but would prefer a different color, ask and I will see what I can do :)

4REarth (default - costume to match our site)

Curve (standard theme that comes with script)



NightBreeze (one of my personal favorites)

To try and help users there are several different languages to choose from, please pick the utf8 version where available
please note however that you are to post in english outside of language specific forums, this is just to help with functionality (also note that not everything is translated, if you find something please let us know and the appropriate translation and it will be added)

current languages (which may not be accurate or fully functioning): ShowHide

English_american (default)

not that I think anyone will need it, but posts are "limited" to 100,000 characters  ;))
however there is a minimum of 15 characters and minimum 3 words (to try and cut down on spam type replies)

the karma system aka Repute (as I renamed it) is member based and not post based (hence the rename)

signatures have a max 400 characters and 2 lines, 5 smileys are allowed, bbc is allowed, 3 images are allowed max width 200px, max height 100px, max font size allowed is 12px (please note that donors get 3x the amounts)

there is a warning system in place...warnings do not decrease over time unless an admin changes it
only staff and the warned user can see warning levels
after 5 warnings the user is automatically put on a watch list
after 15 warnings the user is automatically put on to moderated posts (staff must approve posts)
after 20 warnings the user is automatically put on mute
depending on the severity a user may be banned without any warnings

as noted above, there are a lot of modifications that have been done to the forum (over 200, pushing 300)
a few of them are
incase of a browser crash, one modification will attempt to restore entered text in the Quick Reply form and Reply form
The text entered in the Quick Reply field is saved when moving between pages of the same topic, which allows you to reply to messages located in a different places of the current topic.
along these same lines is the multi-quote that uses cookies to allow multiply quoting of messages (even from different topics)
as well as there is the Save as Draft button, if you start to create a post but are not ready to actually post it yet.

The extended helper, a good place to learn about how the forum functions
Introduction - SMF User Help
it's not 100% but it's a good start for those new to forums

Member awards, you will see that at the bottom of your posts there might be some awards, you can also find them in your profile...there are awards that are automatically added/removed such as most time online, most posts, years you've been a member, ect....then there are some that can be assigned such as helpful user, knowledgeable, ect

you will also notice at the bottom of posts there is a smiley post rating (it does not show up on your own posts, only on others posts)

you will notice that when you post a link (most of the time) it will display the links title instead of the url

bots and topic authors do not increase post view count

in your profile you will find all kinds of settings
custom titles (you can use bbc), member name colors, referrals, buy me a drink (if set and put your paypal, if members wish to they can send you donations for helpful posts and things), and many more things

there's a treasury (if you'd like to donate, also shows where donations are going), a buddy page, hall of fame page

the list goes on about modifications but  :yawn:
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Re: The Rules and Helpful Information
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2020, 02:44:06 PM »
« Last Edit: October 26, 2020, 08:09:51 PM by shadav »
if you're still reading.....
on to the user groups "ranks"

Administrator (admin)

has all permissions


has some admin rights to manage some parts of the forum

Moderator (mod)

moderates the forum and members

Support Team

*unsure yet what to do with this group
will either be those that help with the site itself
or members that have some moderator permissions but not full moderators, just content moderation*


banned members have no permissions at all and will be redirected from the forum

Regular Member (applies to all post count based levels) -
  • can view
  • can use
  • edit own
  • can
  • can't

  • forum statistics
  • memberlist and groups
  • who's online
  • calendar
  • profile summary and stats
  • staff list


has all regular member permissions +: ShowHide

allowed more space, smileys, images, and larger font in signature
no time limit to edit posts
No Attachment limits
unlimited pms
can edit display name

require verification to search
  • can't view
  • can't
  • can

  • contact details
  • memberlist or groups or buddies
  • see who's online
  • view profile summary and stats
  • calendar
  • attachments
  • staff list
  • links (directory)


  • can't view
  • can view

contact details
memberlist and groups or buddies
who's online
profile summary and stats
view or download attachments
staff list
links (directory)

Post Count Based (may change)

Newbies (0 - 5)

can't use pms, add/edit events, post external links, use buddy system, change repute, signatures, add website to profile
can view auctions but not list/buy/give trader feedback
can view/vote fanfic
require verification to post

Semi-Newbie (5 - 20)
under 10 posts external links are set to [nonactive] under 15 posts external links are set to [nofollow]
under 10 posts requires verification to send pms (max 20 pms allowed)
can use signature, but can not add links

Junior (20 - 100)
Member (100 - 500)
Senior (500 - 1000)
Contributor (1000 - 5000)
Peon (5000 - 10000)
Hearsay (10000 - 50000)
Myth (50000 - 100000)
Legend (100000 - 500000)
Demigod (500000 - 1000000)
God 1000000 +
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