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Make your own lamps

May 6, 2013 |
Make your own lamps via this creative idea :) ... Read more

Brighter Camera Flash

Jan 24, 2016 |
i'm not entirely sure but i'm assuming this is to make the flash brighter.....it's interesting anyways and statement: smoking is bad, ok hehehe ... Read more

Homemade Mosquito Trap

Jan 23, 2016 |
You could go out and buy a mosquito zapper, but why not make one at home for way less money!  Here is a recipe for a homemade mosquito trap — and all you need is an old soda bottle and ... Read more

Shoe Art Supply Holder

Jan 24, 2016 |
As fast as kids grow out of their shoes.....   ... Read more

Homemade Broom

May 11, 2013 |
Make your own broom ... Read more

How to Make Snow Globes Out of Baby Food Jars

May 11, 2013 |
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Transform ordinary baby food jars into beautiful show globes with the help of glitter, plastic confetti, a glue gun and a clear plastic jar. Learn how to create your own winter scene with this free ... Read more

Recycled Rosettes

May 11, 2013 |
There are many different ways to make rosettes, but here's a simple way to make one out of recycled materials complete with helpful images. ... Read more

From Cloth Pads to Crocheted Tampons

May 11, 2013 |
You probably already know that with so many sustainable, reusable menstrual supplies out there, there’s no reason to use disposable ANYTHING during your period. But even though there are a lot ... Read more

patio furniture

May 11, 2013 |
woot! Don't throw out that old patio furniture...just grab that leaky garden hose and make a new chair ... Read more

Make watercolor paint with old markers

May 25, 2013 |
Rubber-band 5 or 6 dried out water-based markers of a similar color together. Pour water into glass baby food jars below the screw top area. Put the color tips of the markers into the water ... Read more

Homemade Febreze

Jan 24, 2016 |
I have been using this for years now and love it.... Best $5.00 spent! Eucalyptus - 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil - 10ml from ebay! And reusing an empty febreze bottle (any spray ... Read more